FS17 – FT-APP:Mp-Management V0.1.3.0

FT-APP:Mp-Management mod for FS17.

With the MP-Manager app for the Farming Tablet, you will have the opportunity to play multiplayer using individual accounts.
You will now have the ability to manage revenue and expenses for each respective farm. This will eliminate the need for external account management.

When started for the first time, the app will guide the user through the initial configuration and setup. If required, changes can be made to the configuration settings by using the admin menu within the app.
In addition, with the use of the TechFarmFinanz app, you will be able to pay all players for work they have completed.

Theses apps are currently being further developed and additional features are being added. Therefore some features are currently not available.

Required Mod – FarmingTablet

LS-Modcompany - kevink98/Eribus

FS17 – FT-APP:Mp-Management V0.1.3.0 Download File

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