FS17 – Galvanised Water Trough


Galvanised Water Trough Object mod for FS17.

Galvanised Water Trough
Engineered with precision quality, the galvanised water trough is created to withstand intense ice and dirt pressure due to thick metal and strong welds.
This is a map object designed to be used as a water trough for the sheep animal husbandry. It already includes the necessary triggers and plane to be used in this scenario instead of the current trough, although the nodes of the parent transform may need to be reviewed as well as the attributes

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

Model/Texture/Ingaming- The Mod Co. (Chocolatecake2001)

File Details:ZIP / 0,8 MB
FS17 – Galvanised Water Trough Download File

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