FS17 – Game Extension

Game Extension for FS17. This mod worked Only FS 17 V1.3.1

This mod extends the game with fixes and smaller features.
This mod will be evolved and adjusted over the course of FS17 to include more settings, fixes and features so please read the change log for full list of current features.

To access the settings whilst in game Press “I” to open.
This mod is MP ready and includes settings that can be setup for each player and also settings that can be applied for the server as a whole.

Current Modules
Fruit Growth During Mission’s – SP Only

This option will keep the fruit / crops growing whilst you complete missions for other farmers

Tabbing into Vehicles – Option to disable tabbing to vehicles

Option allows to setup the AI Extra rates, for example hired workers require a night rate. Settings include a start,
and end hours along with a multiplier to setup there different rate (1 = default) A “normal” rate is set outside that of these times.
End AI shift – will stop AI from working overtime, they will resume when shift start.

Player strenght – Adjust the max strength your player can lift
Player grab distance – How far away from player you can grab objects, in meters.
Toggle crosshair – Turns the crosshairs off
Restrict Chainsaw usage – Limit chainsaw to admins only
Farmers Touch – Show crop growth on screen when your walking in field. (Only showing for harvestable crops for now, will be updated at an later stage)

Cruise Control
This option allows the to activate cruise control with middle mouse button
Adjust speed by pressing and holding right mouse button while scrolling up or down on middle mouse button

Screenshot mode – Hide hud elements on screen for the perfect screenshot. (toggle F1 hud manually)
Pressing left alt + h is the quick way to toggle above setting on / off.

Dynamic Hose
This will serve as an extension to all vehicles that have the script DynamicHose or DynamicHoseRef.
Currently its very basic but the idea is to give more options as to how dynamic hoses will function.

Time-scale at night – How fast you will get trough the night (night time starts at 21 and ends at 6)

General Settings

Credit(s):Xentro – Script Ideas from Kirovec – Mouse controlled cruise control theSeb – AI cost Decker_MMIV – Fruit growth during mission, Time-scale at night, Vehicle hud icons dj – Toggle crosshair Knut A – Screenshot mode Gate – Chainsaw usage restriction

  This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

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