FS17 – Gaz-66 (New Textures) V1.6.2

Gaz-66 (New Textures) V1.6.2 mod for FS17.
This is also the Shishig version 1.6.2 for the game Simulator 2017. (The truck GAZ-66 in FS 17 with new animations, such as the doors, the ceiling, is not warm Engine capacity – 150 hp The maximum speed is 80 km / h. Cost – 48 20З, 5З 764 and 54 20З euro (per day З2). Capacity – 9 000 and 9 0З0 liter fuel oil 210. There is a nice device. Noise isolation. A working light, a mirror, a tidy panel. It can be worn and removed only at one time.


File Detail:50.5 MB / ZIP
FS17 – Gaz-66 (New Textures) V1.6.2 Download File
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