FS17 – German Town Map V2.0.0.2

German Town Map V2.0.0.2 mod for FS17.
After a long time, I finally present you the final version of Germantown. 6 months of work has produced this version of Germantown with more detail and better functionality with a fresh look. This might as well be a new map.

The Story:
Germantown is a completely fictional map based somewhere in the northwestern United States. Germantown and the surrounding towns lie in a valley surrounded by low mountains. The valley is filled with the richest farmland and forests in the area. Being at a somewhat high latitude means the summer days are long and hot, but the winters can be brutally cold and snowy.
You have been given a very large and well developed farm to work with, but your goal is to eventually farm the entire valley. You will have access to 80ha spread across 20 fields in various crops, some of which are ready to harvest. You will be given a large fleet of vehicles to tend these fields with. You will also have a few cows to tend to as well.
Thanks to the scientists at Giants Laboritories, you have also been given access to a new type of crop that has never been seen before in this part of the world. However, there is some controversy about how this crop is able to survive the long, cold winters. You could be the first to show these people there is little to fear and much to gain from this new crop.

Some known issues:
When you first start a savegame on this map you will notice that all of the grass on the map is at its cut state. This occurred when I added the new crops. I didn’t feel like replacing all of the grass across the whole map so I left it as it is. Do not worry, it will all grow back shortly.

The Details:
– 128 fields ranging from 0.67ha to 60ha
– many forest areas to work in
– large main farm with cows, sheep, chickens, seeds, fertilizer, fuel, silos, and sheds
– many smaller farms with seed, fertilizer, fuel, and sheds (some have silos)
– 14 sell points with various crops accepted (some will take bales)
– Biogas plant (to sell silage) and biodiesel plant (to produce fuel from oilseeds)
– standard crops PLUS sugar cane, oats, rye, spelt, millet, and triticale
– Seasons mod compatibilite PLUS custom GEO with snow mask, custom annual weather, and sugar cane growth
– rail system with realistic grades and curves WITH 4 elevators
– traffic system with dynamic speed changes, dynamic routes, and extended collision distances

The Changes:
The basic layout of the map remains from V1 of Germantown, but nearly every part of the map has undergone a makeover from the ground up.
The farms have all been rebuilt, especially the main farm, to include more grain storage, seeds and fertilizer triggers, and more sheds. The cows have been moved to the main farm, as per popular demand. The main farm and the pig farm also have workshops with the workshop trigger to repair and customize your vehicles.
The fields have all been reworked. While there are fewer fields in V2 the total field area remains relatively the same. Several smaller fields have been combined together. Some fields have had their shapes adjusted to allow vanilla AI to operate with ease. All fields now have more grass headlands, or rather more distance from an adjacent road or field.
The towns have been rebuilt for more detail. Germantown now has a large area for placeable industries.
Several new sell points have been added or rebuilt entirely. The new sell points include the feedlot (where you can trade animals, sell grain and rootcrops for feed, and sell bales too), brewery (accepts wheat, barley, corn, and rye), the farm shop (to sell diesel made at the biodiesel plant, bales, manure, slurry, and digestate), a vegetable warehouse (to sell potatoes, sugar beets, and sugar cane), and a biomass heating plant (to sell woodchips to in addition to the lumber mill). All other sell points have been rebuilt for more detail. The elevator can now accept trains and trailers on the same pit. The biodiesel plant can now accept soybeans and sunflower. The feed mill now has a large, flat area for placeable industries.
The railroad has been rebuilt entirely. The steepest grades have been eliminated for more gradual, realistic grades. Some railroad related deco has been added as well.
The key addition to this map is the addition of new crops, the inclusion of the Platinum Edition, and the update of Seasons compatibility. You are now able to grow sugar cane, oats, rye, triticale, spelt, and millet. Oats and millet can be fed to pigs as a source of protein. Rye and triticale can also be fed as grain to pigs.
If the player uses Seasons mod, a custom built-in GEO has been added. A custom seasonal weather pattern has been added: wet and rainy spring, a hot, dry summer, followed by more rain in the fall, and finish/start the year with cold and lots of snow to plow.
All crops have been given custom growth values when a player uses Seasons, even sugar cane can be grown with Seasons with the custom GEO. Oats can only be planted in the spring and follows a similar growth pattern as potatoes. Millet resembles corn in its growth pattern. Rye, spelt, and triticale can planted in the fall or in the spring. Sugar cane can only be planted in late spring or early summer, but follows the same growth pattern as poplar. Of course Giants Laboritories have made certain the sugar cane can survive the cold winters of Germantown.

One last thing:
I would like to thank you all for patiently waiting for this map to come out again. I know it was a long wait, but I had some events in real life the kept me from getting back to this map sooner. Plus it took a long time to actually do the work correctly the first time around. Unfortunately, this is the last version of Germantown before Farming Simulator 19, barring edits to correct mistakes or minor issues.
I would also like to thank james1057 from FS-UK for helping me test the map and to make suggestions to the map. Without his help this map might not have been released in the form it is now.
If you have found this map on a site other than FS-UK or Modhoster, please note that you will not have support for any issues you may have. Please go to either FS-UK or Modhoster for support.
If you would like to do a Youtube video or series featuring this map, you are free to do so. Just let me know first so I can check out the video :).
Enjoy the map.
Leif Ege (aka leifege640)

Changelog V2.0.0.2
– rebuilt all farms for detail, funtionality
– added sheds
– added farm support sheds with fuel, seed, and fertilizer
– added workshop with trigger to main farm and hog farm
– added vehicle reset point to main farm
– rebuilt all towns for detail, functionality
– added pedestrians, parked cars, deco items, vegetation, etc.
– rebuilt all existing sell points for detail, functionality
– added Feedlot, Hay Farm, Farm Shop, Brewery, Bioheating Plant as sell points
– moved dairy farm to main farm
– rebuilt all fields
– rebuilt entire railroad
– smoothed out grades
– added decorations
– rebuilt all forests for better tree diversity, more detail, etc.
– added hills to forested areas
– added all Giants Software trees and bushes, forest grass, rocks, log holders, deco log piles
– added roads to larger forests
– added sugar cane, oats, rye, triticale, spelt, and millet
-millet can be fed as base food to pigs
– oats can be fed as protein to pigs
– rye and triticale can be fed as grain to pigs
– rebuilt traffic system
– embedded custom traffic system
– increased collision distance for cars
– increased speeds on highways to ~90km/h
– added more vehicles to traffic
– added dedicated areas for placeable industries
– updated Seasons compatibility with custom growth for new crops (Seasons mod required to see this change)
– updated PDA map
– repositioned all gold nuggets, some will take some creativity getting to.

leifege640: map maker
james 1057 from FS-UK: testing, suggestions, support
Giants Software: assets from FS13, FS15, and FS17
Bullgore: map idea, base map, field layout, road system, traffic system
Desperados93: log pile, log holders, woodchip piles
augwl: biodiesel plant
Marhu and kevin98: Fabrik Script (used in biodiesel plant)
Marhu: schweinemast buildings, cow and pig sounds
SCS Software: name of a sell point
Vertex Design and fqC Art. : GDR grain shed

File Detail:711.5 MB / ZIP
FS17 – German Town Map V2.0.0.2 Download File
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