FS17 – Goldcrest Valley II Map V6.0.1.0

Goldcrest Valley II Map mod for FS17.

All new map from scratch.
Added German text (Google translate sorry if not accurate).

Latest version Uploaded at 03:18 EST Feb 24, 2018

WAIT FOR V6.0.2.0
This is an edited version of Goldcrest Valley.

– Consolidated all animal zones (cow, sheep and pig) to the main farm.
– Removed chicken eggs and sell points (chickens still roam around the farm).

– Moved fields 12, 14 and 15 to work with new farm layout.
– Resized field 27.

– There are 8 silos dedicated for one fill type each (wheat, barley, rape, maize, sunflower, soybean, chaff and silage).
– There are a number of crop storage building’s for all other crops that silos do not take.
– Augars are required to fill and empty silos (Augar mods are build into map).
– Farm Barn/ Bale destroy also takes chaff, straw, dryGrass_windrow and grass_windrow.
– Vehicle reset, resets vehicle at the farm.
– Farm has the seed, fertilizer and liquidFertilizer placements.
– Farm has a refuel tank.
– There are 2 water pump stations (one at Farm) that provide water free of charge.

– Mary’s Farm doubles as a sell point for buying liquid manure.
– Mary’s Farm has 4 silo you buy pigFood, manure, chaff, silage and grass.
– Mary’s Farm has the seed, fertilizer and liquidFertilizer placements.
– Mary’s Farm has a refuel tank.

– Chopped straw mod
– Manure mod
– Combine straw fix

– Moved Livestock Market.
– Removed unused shed’s and other buildings that I felt were in the way or served no purpose.
– Changed a large amount of the terrain for fields and around fields.
– Info Layer, tipCol has been updated map wide.
– All buildings, feeding and watering areas have snow mask for seasons mod.
– Trains have x2 extra cars of each type.

By: GIANTS Software Edited: McKnight Placeable Refill Tanks: GIANTS Software Water Pump Stations: skeleton Chopped Straw For Harvesters: webalizer Build(s) Models: Gravity Wagon: Augars:

FS17 – Goldcrest Valley II Map V6.0.1.0 Download File
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