FS17 – Grimme RH2460 Fertlizer and Seed V 1.0

Grimme RH2460 Fertlizer and Seed mod for FS17.

now there are mods where you can be prepared specially seeds and fertilizer.
The filling of Saähmaschine with a shovel but does not go and drive turntable is not mine.
Therefore, I have the Grimme conveyor for filling of potatoes and sugar beet in pallets somewhat rebuilt.
it can now seed, fertilizer and pig feed accept and fill in the original BigPacks.
these can then also worked again as if they were the purchased.

I’m still thinking if I try to integrate all the fruit, but do not know if that has much use.

Mist is definitely planned to facilitate the crap sale to the BGA. There then can when I get it either crap pallets sold or whole Anhäner be filled at one time into the hopper by means of a 2nd conveyor belt.

Since this is my first own Mod and I have only used objects of Giants can you do with it what you want. would just be nice if I informed me briefly that I might not on things rumdockter you’ve installed for a long time and work.

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

Script: Giants Idee / Konzept: smutje1974

File Details:ZIP / 9.5 MB
FS17 – Grimme RH2460 Fertlizer and Seed V 1.0 Download File

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