FS17 – GullFjell Map V 3.0

GullFjell Map mod for FS17.

In GullFjell:
All the animals are centered on the main farm.
You can find water for your animals at the small lake in your backyard.
You have more lightning at your farm, For Those long working days.
There is a new vehicleshop, at the location of the old cowfarm.
There is a logging ground, at the location of the old pigfarm.
You can unload your wood with a crane, not only from the train, but now so fromyour trailer
You have to farm hardcore, there are no black and yellow helplines anymore. Log is clear of errors, No multiplayer.

Changelog V3:
Adjusted the PDA.
Created some new mountains / hills.
Reworked the BGA area

Changelog V2:
Reworked cow area, no more “ghost” cows running trough walls.
Removed collision from fence at vehicle shop.
Removed duplicate info balloons and triggers.
Replaced info balloons and triggers.
Tidied up the old sheep pen and recreated the near field.
Created some new mountains / hills.
Reworked some of the positions of the trees.
Reworked area around new logging camp.

Changelog V1:
Added Several missing grass foliage textures.
Prepared map for Webalizer’s chopped straw mod.
Added Eribus his forgotten plants textures.
Some minor bugfixes on houses.

GIANTS, priest. Thank you t0xic0m (for that awesome gas station) and i believe John Der33 and Luculus (for your great conversion of the wooden hall structure and the houses). Next to did i used the wood chip storage / shed from Katsuo – Farm Team Franken and some atributes from Niggels – VertexDezign. So i want to say thanks to Webalizer for his chopped straw mod and Eribus for his forgotten plants textures.

File Details:ZIP / 616.5 MB
FS17 – GullFjell Map V 3.0 Download File

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