FS17 – Hagenstedt Farm Map V1.3

Hagenstedt Farm Map mod for FS17.

This is the original Hagenstedt from Farming simulator 2013, i have converted it to Farming Simulator 17,  and updated the tree’s, bushes, and general textures throughout the map.

1. Added full support for the Seasons Mod
2. Replaced many of the old buildings on the map. (New buildings have functioning lights and doors.)
3. Fixed many small bugs throughout the map, including missing fence posts, floating tree’s, poor texture quality, etc.
4. Added Working gates for many area’s of the map.
5. Added Working train and sell point “Freightyard”
6. Added working lights for the Golf Course and Mill.
7. Implemented Pig-mud textures at the Pig area.
8. Added collectable gold nuggets throughout the map.

1. Fixed non-purchasable fields on the map.
2. Fixed remnants of old cow-zone buildings.
3. Fixed Depression in the Biogas plant ground.
4. Removed grass in the silo’s at the Biogas plant.

1. Fixed Collision map.
2. Fixed positioning of Hotspots on the PDA map.
3. Fixed spawning inside of buildings when teleporting to locations on the PDA.
4. Added working lights to the Big sheds throughout the map.
5. Various other small fixes.

I hope you enjoy playing on this map as much as i did back in the day.
Please report any bugs you find in the comments below!

Original author: Giants Software. Conversion: Farmer Klink Shed Package: Agrarteam Franken Woodshed with light: Niggels - VertexDezign Special Thanks: scooby (For help resolving the Collision map problems.) OldBor (For his forum post on FS-UK which enlightened me on the PDA hotspot positioning.)

File Details:ZIP / 448.1 MB
FS17 – Hagenstedt Farm Map V1.3 Download File

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