FS17 – Hermanns Eck V2 – Willkommen Im Kirchtal!

Hermanns Eck V2 – Willkommen Im Kirchtal! mod for FS17.
It’s been a long time since you took over the farm from the old Fritz, you thought it would be so slow a regular everyday life with you – but thought wrong.
One of your colleagues who farmed a yard a few miles away has been kicked out of farming due to physical discomfort and has made all the areas black. Thus, his areas in the Kirchtal, which is almost directly next door.
The local dairy is trying to shine again to its former glory and is looking for suppliers,
The garden center offers you the opportunity to deliver it regularly, and also the Hofer needs now and then a forwarder.
For the winter, the sawmill will open its doors for you.
If you prefer to use manure instead of the expensive mineral fertilizer on your land,
So you can now also take advantage of the services of the slurry tanker and buy manure in the Kirchtal.
A new challenge is waiting for you!

More than 3 months have passed since the v1.1, with the v2 you now get a small area increase (7 fields with a total of 4.5ha area and 7 meadows) and the opportunity to enter the production business.

Changelog v2
-Map extended to a new valley
-AI traffic expanded and AI pedestrians added
– Growth of 7 fields and 7 meadows (arable land 4.5ha new valley)
-Multiple productions added:
Brewery (barley / wheat + water = beer)
Dairy (milk -> HMilch)
Sawmill (wood + fuel = wooden pallet)
-CompostMaser (biological waste (grass, manure, etc .. + fuel = compost)
New outlets:
Garden Center (Compost)
-Hofer (beer, milk, wood)
– New big forest area
-Kollis along the river (as a round bale catch)
Slurry bank as a buying station for liquid manure
-Small fixes (which was still forgotten in V1.1 ..)

– Seasonsmod
– Choppedstraw
– GMKFC mod
– pants system
– factory script

I wish you much fun with the V2, you should find errors you can report them as usual in the support thread.
Although I hope to have eliminated all errors, but you know how that is ..

Mapper: metalger1
Einbau Fabriktscript: Zetor6245
Videos: SnookieSnu
Bilder: Pixelfarming

File Detail:735.8 MB / ZIP
FS17 – Hermanns Eck V2 – Willkommen Im Kirchtal! Download File
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