FS17 – Hof Bergman Reloaded Map V1.0.0.2

Hof Bergman Reloaded Map mod for FS17.

The wait is finally over. Now it’s finally time, the Hofmannmann map you’ve been waiting for in the Reloaded version is now officially released.
Many will ask themselves, “The map already existed? Why a Reloaded version?”
The question is easy to answer. Reloaded, because the map was improved several times in contrast to the normal Hofmann. More about this in the Changelog.
Furthermore, I have taken up many of the wishes and ideas of the Com and integrated them into the map, but also converted my own ideas.

The innovations at a glance:

– Season Mod Ready
– new animal species
– unused areas were built
– Cabbage, lettuce and tomato harvest
– new secondary order
– new production facilities
– independent cow pastures with milk production
– Village shop
– Town hall with extensions
– new shop objects especially for the map (category Map Additionals)
– Buyable land including a large building land for placeable items (like the strawbergs addon, for example)


bug fixes:

– Palettenpawner in apple plantation on several trees pushed higher (crates flew sometimes through the air)
– HofTankstelle Drescher could not be filled (gefixt)
– Biodiesel Refinery Drescher could not be refueled (gefixt)
– Butter barrels Colli again as with version
– HofBergmann.lua fix (changeFillTypeValues)
– GMKFC_Mod (new version)
– Vehicle splines slightly adapted especially at the gas station
– Field missions removed in 2 fields which should not be pure (field 2 and field 13)
New features / changes:

– Gates can now be opened from the vehicle.
– Silage can now be sold at cattle trading (feed sales point)
– water collection point at the farm no longer free (it must be paid at the municipal house only water money then you get water at the yard)
– PDA Icon installed for community house (to jump quickly)
– Liquid fertilizer storage tank installed from the Fertilizer production pack (at the equipment yard)
– SeedMaster implemented (now at the equipment yard)
– All FabrikScript-based systems converted to mCompanyFactory Script + new huds (the new huds still require the FS17_mCompanyGraphics Mod in Modordner)
– Snowmask Installed (Season Mod)
– Gänsestall installed (formerly double driving silo at the farm)
– Stations for animals changed (now work like the standard triggers of the animals)
– Partially imprisoned animals in storage areas
– FermentingSilo expanded at the farm, now requires additional silage means this can be purchased in the Landhandel or Raiffeisen.
– cattle traders have been converted (pig feed and compound feed must now be bought at the corresponding silos (conveyor belts have fallen away)
– new animal species introduced, geese / young geese, ponies / foals, chickens / chicks.
– Cattle traders expanded with new animals (sales)
– The pigs and cowshed can now alternatively be filled with litter from the paraffin separator instead of straw.
– 2. Cow pasture now completely independent of the farmyard. Cows can be transported there and must also be supplied with water and hay, but milk is still produced in pots.
– other FillTypeIcon for eggs (sale, price list)
– site expanded, right at the land trade (see PDA map)
– Purchaseable land like chicken farm, pony ranch and building site (on the building site can be placed buildings, in preparation for the strawberging addon)
– Large chicken farms (production of eggs)
– additional cow pasture in the new area
– Pony Ranch installed
– Grass adapted, color and height
– new texture for fertilized meadow
– First-time purchaseable land (chicken farm, pony yard and building land)
– Script for FlieglPFS installed (the Flieglstation should now use the hay bales from the map)
– Water basins are now filled with rain, the amount depends on the rainfall
– Vegetable growing added, red cabbage, white cabbage, lettuce and tomatoes can be cultivated
– new clear information triggers at the pallet sales offices.
– Deco weed layer installed
– new optional secondary order, collecting garbage at different places on the map (blue garbage bags)
– Small landfill installed
– Digital silo level indicators installed on both HofSilos (user request)
– Town hall is now accessible, there is the water supply (water purchase for the yard) and a bank switch for the money bags from the village shop
– new purchaseable objects, old tire as decoration for the driving silo planes to cover (are stored with), but tires can also be brought to the landfill (the disposal costs however somewhat)
– other objects to buy, goose feed, chicken feed and LAB for cheese production
– Milchtrigger changed at milk house
– other sheepfold built, sheep produce wool and sheep’s milk (in the village where the large grain yard stood, which unfortunately had to give way)
– Cheese factory with cheese chamber to the dairy

Farmer Andy

FS17 – Hof Bergman Reloaded Map V1.0.0.2 Download File

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