FS17 – Itr Tandem Pack Dh V2.1

Itr Tandem Pack Dh V2.1 mod for FS17.
Have a revised IT Runner Tandem Pack for you here.

Processing of Unguided:
– ITRunner 26.23 HD (tandem) created from the ITRunner 26.33 HD (Tridem) by Giants, is about 1.2 meters shorter (specified by the manufacturer)
– Shortened grain container by 80 cm, volume reduced to 38,000 liters
– Halfpipe container shortened by 80 cm, volume left at 18,000 liters
– Shortened platform container by 60 cm, now also found under “Tipper”
– Bale containers and wooden containers are available as design configurations for platform containers
– Prices (partially) slightly adjusted
– extended information for those who know what it is: All components have got “SkinnedMerge” as far as possible again

Processing Bonecrusher6:
-> Trailer
– Installation DynamicHoses (6x hydraulics, 2x air, 1x electricity)
– Different tire configurations with 22.5inch and 26.5inch rims, Nokian tires
– MCA (arm can be tilted up to a certain angle by mouse)
– different brand configurations
– color choice
– Suspension set harder

-> Platform container
– Color choice adjusted, otherwise as in the pack of Unguided left

-> grain container
– different brand configurations
– customized color choice
– Volume reduced to 35.000l

-> Halfpipe container
– different brand configurations
– customized color choice

Furthermore, the schemas have been changed, the lifetime increased and the prices adjusted a bit.
In addition to that, the pictures of the pictures changed.

Further information:
Purchase price: varies by device
Maintenance: varies by device
Capacity: varies by device
Latest patch needed

Giants Software GMBH
Unguided / Bonecrusher6

File Detail:33.0 MB / ZIP
FS17 – Itr Tandem Pack Dh V2.1 Download File
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