FS17 – Itrunner – Metaltech IT74 Trailer V1.0

Itrunner – Metaltech IT74 Trailer mod for FS17.

This augar wagon / chaser bin features:
1. Storage for 47000 Litres.
2. Fill Dependent Signs (See Images) – Default image displayed for unknown crops.
3. Functioning Fill Level gauge on rear of Bin.
4. Animated cover and support bars.

Multi-Player and Single Player Tested.
Log is Clean.

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

Model Parts: Giants, GTX MODS Model: GTX MODS Texture: Giants, GTX MODS Idea / Concept: GTX MODS Testing: GTX MODS Mod Idea / Request: MDK KDM (Please see Video)

FS17 – Itrunner – Metaltech IT74 Trailer V1.0 Download File

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