FS17 – Jasienica Mexyk Real Map V1.0

Jasienica Mexyk Real Map mod for FS17.

☆ What has Map:
– 5 hosts,
– Cows / Pigs / Sheep / Hens,
– 55 fields and a lot of meadows,
– 2 Points,
– Purchase of Belek on one of the farms,
– Animal Purchase,
– Purchase of Wool,
– Sawmill [the point where you can sell shavings is bought by the shop, I also recommend not sell it to later there was no question where is the point of sale of chips (CIEPŁOWNIA)],
– Forest,
– Machine shop,
– Village,
– Traffic,
– purchased boxes,
– Machines set up on 2 farms,
– Resetting the machine,
– Mud,
– Doors and gates open to the mouse,
– BGA (do not sprinkle the prism to the top, because the map is slightly higher and later the silos will be bugged)
– Good PDA
– Map compatible with Seasons Modem / Seasons,
– and many, many more: D
☆ There are log errors!

★ Jasienica MeXyK ★ ● ZGODA NA WYDANIE MAPY JEST!! ● Autor do FS13 - GumaLS ● Kanał Autora Mapy do 11/13 ● Autor do FS17 - Puma145

FS17 – Jasienica Mexyk Real Map V1.0 Download File

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