FS17 – Kraz 255B Pack Workshop V1.1.1

Kraz 255B Pack Workshop mod for FS17.

Kraz 255B laptezhnik technical assistance cost 80500 rubles, and maintenance 140 per day. The engine output is 278 kW / 378 hp, with a speed of 75 km / h. There is an animation of the entire running gear, kardans, mud flaps. All the doors, the hood, the windows on the kunga are opened when the equipment is serviced, all doors, windows are opened and the compressor’s sound is turned on. In general, almost all animated, while the engine is running fan and air in the kunga to supply air to the kung. There is a choice of the color of the machine, discs can separately paint the arc, mirror, dashboard. Doors open-close: left-7, right-9, bonnet hood-8, hood-4 itself, lower the glass: left-N, right-M. The dashboard is animated. Trailer service for refueling and maintenance of agricultural equipment and machinery. In the trailer there is a tank that can be filled with fuel and then refueling equipment, and also from the trailer you can fill with seeds, fertilizers and repair equipment. The cost of the trailer is 18,000 rubles, maintenance is 100 per day. In the trailer there is a choice of body color, discs, awning. There is animation of the running gear, mudguards of anti-recyclers.

The pack includes:
1. Kpaz 255 The driver – aid. The price is 80 500 rubles.
2. Kpaz 255 The aerator – cystner for the transport of various liquids. The price is 70 000 rubles.
3. Kpaз 255 The driver is a fuel dispenser for the transport and storage of fuel. The price is 75 000 rubles.
4. Kpaз 255 Trailer-towing vehicle. The price is 65 500 rubles.
5. Pricelist for storing and servicing c / x machines. The price is 18 000 rubles.
6. Particles for the transport of various liquids. The price is 22 000 rubles.
7. Fuel – fuel – cylinder for fuel and fuel dispensers, costing 28 000 rubles.
8. Semicircular pump for the transport of various liquids and fuel supply. The price is 32 000 rubles.

Changes in the truck-pack 1.1.1:
– On all occasions, an ana- lyzation of the explosion and the flow of liquids are carried out.
– Select the color of the body, remove it and cover some of the pieces.
– All the sources are filled with overhead pipes.
– There is an animation when the equipment is damaged.
– An explanation of the engine operation is indicated.
– Engine selection: 2 vapianta.
– All the experts have a job.
– Select kolec: 2 vapianta.
– Fixed the mod icon.
– All the technics are smeared.


File Detail:132.1 MB / ZIP
FS17 – Kraz 255B Pack Workshop V1.1.1 Download File

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