FS17 – Krone Big L-500 Pro Mower V1.0

Krone Big L-500 Pro Mower mod for Fs17.

Today we bring you another awesome mod from Winston Modding in the form of a Krone Big L-500 mower.  This mower also known as the hybrid is an all in one system.  Not only does it mow the grass it lifts it as well so once you have filled the eighty thousand liter container you can just drive to your pit to unload.  Note to unload this mower you do need to use the unload here command.  But if you do your unload correctly you can also drive back and forth over the grass you are dumping to compress it as you work.

LS13: edited by usxi7sd, LS15: Jaison Edited by CarolinaBoy, convertedtoFS17 by Winston9587

FS17 – Krone Big L-500 Pro Mower V1.0 Download File

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