FS17 – Krone Jumbo ADP 27 Ballcarts Pack V 1.01


Krone Jumbo ADP 27 Ballcarts for FS17.

Thank you for downloading this mod
Your Team Gallinger Design

Please read complete!
Please Read Complete!

Export to Giants © Engine .i3d
By D. Gallinger@gallinger-design.de

Ingame by D. Gallinger (Help at P. Baker & M. Meistro)

board walls
HR – Key “M”
MR key “N”
VR key “B”
HL key “K”
ML key “J”
VL key “H”
CT key “Numpad 8”

Complete Links – Key “Numpad 7”
Complete Right – Key “Numpad 9”

Links – Key “Alt + 7”
Right – Key “Alt + 9”
Center – Key “Alt + 8”
Hide – Key “Ctrl + U”

(Please note, plans should be opened and closed after the fade out once,
Fixes the display error)

HR – Key “Ctrl + M”
MR Key “Ctrl + N”
VR – Key “Ctrl + B”
HL – Key “Ctrl + K”
ML – Key “Ctrl + J”
VL key “Ctrl + H”
CT – Key “Ctrl + I”

Staubox links – Key “7”
Dustox Right – Key “8”
Park Warning Board – Key “Numpad 6”
Dirt faults On / Off key “Ctrl + T”

Technical specifications:
board walls
Closures (side walls)
Stainless steel boxes
Closures (stainless steel boxes)
Parking warning
Fire extinguisher box
Kicks (sideboards)

402.224 Triangles
Made with Blender (v2.78a)
Construktiontime – 13h (Model & Texture)
Texture AO with 35 samples
Tex. Processing with – PS CS 5, GIMP & Paint NET
63 Objects
Scale 1: 1
15 Textures
105MB Textures Space
121MB Mod Space (Extract)
37.3MB Mod Space (Zip)


This mod has been tested by SGMODS.


FS17 – Krone Jumbo ADP 27 Ballcarts Pack V 1.01 Download File

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