FS17 – Kubota Pack V1

Kubota Pack V1 mod for FS17.
1. KUBOTA BF2255 – Author: Timofei
2. KUBOTA DMC6087N – Author: Timofei
3. KUBOTA DMC7028T – Author: Timofei
4. Kubota M135GX – Authors: vasilisvasilis31, Młody98, Fs17 Fix And Options = Reaper9111
5. Kubota Seeders Pack – Authors: LS-Pitstop sowingMaschines by GIANTS Software, pawlo101299
6. Trailer KUBOTA – Author: 352c, mbh
7. Kubota DM2024 Black – Authors: 3P Modding, Raidon
8. Kubota RA 1043 – Authors: Giants Software, Suedtirol Modding, Raidon
9. Kubota RM2000 – Authors: GIANTS Software, Raidon
10. Kubota TE 6568 – Author: Raidon


File Detail:104.5 MB / ZIP
FS17 – Kubota Pack V1 Download File

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