FS17 – Kuhn Profiles Pack V 1.0

Kuhn Profiles package mod for FS17.

There are 2 versions of the Modpack.

Version 1 FS17_Kuhn_Profile_Pack_Standard.zip
This version can be the mixing trailer as zufor with grass, straw, silage but not filled with feed or mixed feed.

Version 2 FS17_Kuhn_Profile_Pack_Mischstation.zip

In this version, only feed and compound feed may be introduced. Ideal for someone who has a mixing station. There can be no grass, straw, silage are filled.

To make it easier to distinguish the two versions scored 2 beacons the mixing station version.

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.


File Details:ZIP / 53 MB
FS17 – Kuhn Profiles Pack V 1.0 Download File

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