FS17 – La Ferme Limousine Map V1

La Ferme Limousine Map mod for FS17.

Characteristics of the Map: La Ferme Limousine
2017 V1.0
Prerequisites for the smooth running of the Map
Addons and Mods Complementary to the map:
Installation and use of Map
Hardware configuration
No support or help from me
will be provided to
Cooperative / Store / Points of sale / Balance
I would like to thank Haryseb and his
have authorized me to convert and
download free map on Farming Simulator
I would also like to thank all the
people who helped me in the tests (Gaec du
montceau, The farming campaign, French farmers …)
Thanks for the different scripts, mods, buildings,
objects used on the map.
Rules & LICENSE.
The (zip file) map can be freed on
other sites, but only by using the links
original download !!!
The Mod (zip package) can be released on other
sites, but only using the original download links !!!
Characteristics of the Map: The Limousine Farm 2017 V1.0
The Map “La Ferme Limousine 2017” consists of four independent farmsteads, 84 cultivable fields and 50 meadows, meadows are not purchasable and you belong to basic to you to use them or not, It can be used as well in solo game or multiplayer. It’s up to you to create the part that will go with it!
Prerequisites for the smooth running of the Map:
4 Farmhouses
84 Cultivable fields
50 Prairies
2 Agricultural cooperatives
General store
Career of Chaux
B.G.A (Second in V2)
Selling milk
The snowmask will be realized in the next version.
Addons and Mods Complementary to the map:
Allows to have a layer of straw
crushed by activating the crusher on the
different harvesting machines.
Fills the fuel in the composter
CompostMaster (integrated in the map)
Creates compost.
Sawmill (integrated in the map)
Used to create pallets of boards (which are
then sold to the General Store).
Seedmaster (integrate into the map)
Creates seeds.
-Curage of animals
To pick up the different animals
To go and sell the different animals
To sell milk manually
To store your cereals

Spreading of lime, manure, slurry, solid fertilizer, compost with
texture on the field.
To fill the trailers go to the side of the screen and do
the R key

La Ferme Limousine 2013/2015 By Haryseb La Ferme Limousine 2017 By Corentin39

FS17 – La Ferme Limousine Map V1 Download File

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