FS17 – Landrover 109 V 1.0


Landrover 109 car mod for FS17. Price 7,460€, mirrors, speedometer and RPM, full lights, power 64hp. Washable, RoofRack: Now fully usable, Added 4 Straps to RoofRack, Exhaust Effects, Added a rear PTO, All Motor Sounds changed, Steering, suspension, motor, gears updated to handle loads, Edited Tracks.

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

GizzmoD, Classic FS Mods, modall, Xentro

File Details:ZIP / 11,7 MB
FS17 – Landrover 109 V 1.0 Download File

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1 Response

  1. Ghroznak says:

    Love the landrover, however there is a glitch with it.

    When looking across a field and looking in the direction of the landrover it creates a graphical anomaly where it looks like loads of cut grass is covering the fields.

    Look away from the Landrover and the grass disappears.

    We did numerous tests for this and when we moved landrover away from an area the bug no longer occured when looking in that direction. However, if we looked towards the new location where the landrover was parked the grass bug appeared again.

    This happened to three different people while we were testing it.

    Had to sell the Landrover.

    Hopefully this can be fixed cause the car was awesome!

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