FS17 – LeBoutDuMonde Map V2.0

LeBoutDuMonde Map mod for FS17.

-Farm of cows and sheep are completely reviewed.
-Slight modifications to the ETA.
-Ability to mulch the sheep and produce manure.
-Ability to move the cows into another pasture.
-New feed for the cows and sheep : the mixed fodder
(a mixture of alfalfa, clover and clover-fermented)
-Creation of a new village.
-Adding a second point-of-sale
-Addition of a dairy, manufacture of pasteurized milk and cheese.
-Addition of the manufacturing of the empty pallet to the sawmill. (Required for the manufacture of pallets of cheese)
-Added the “Chopped Straw” and the “compost”
-Compatible with the SeasonMod
-Addition of 12 fields.
-Addition of various animals bustling in different place of the map, cow, sheep, dog, and cat.
-Modification of the stabule cows with the addition of a parlour.
-Addition of new buildings. (Creating character)
-Log clean
-Tested in multiplayer, log clean.


FS17 – LeBoutDuMonde Map V2.0 Download File

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