FS17 – Lipinki Map V2

Lipinki Map V2 mod for FS17.
Hey! I’m zielak04 and I present you my map of Lipinki V2!
The map has only a small blip that does not bother the game and the mistake is that if you will
he wanted to quit the game, make a record and then, instead of clicking once, the word EXIT FROM GAME you have to do it twice!
If you have played on V1 and want to play now on V2 then I recommend starting a new game record! Warning!!! The map is not made with the Seasons mod in mind!
I would only ask you not to edit this map.
Have a nice game: D

The map contains:
1. two playable farms:
– one focused on sheep breeding
– second for cows and pigs
2. two villages
3. typical rural traffic! See for yourself what I mean: D
4. three cereal groups
5. two straw harvests
6. one purchase of grass and hay
7. biogas plant
8. purchase of wool
9. machine shop
10. machine reset
11. starting machines
12.68 fields purchased, including 9 for the start of the game
13. chop mod
14. manure mod V2
15. 5 new crops:
– millet
– rye
– spelled
– triticale
– all are loaded into the silo and to the purchase
16. interesting terrain
17. Polish climate
18. mud mod
19. animated animals of the type:
– cats
– dogs
– and other
20. several forests to be cut
21. sawmill
22. chip purchase
23. and 100 items to collect
24. Sky HD


File Detail:629.1 MB / RAR
FS17 – Lipinki Map V2 Download File
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