FS17 – Lost Islands Map V1.0

Lost Islands Map mod for FS17.

The time has come. The magical fog hiding the islands has finally lifted. It is time for you and your’s
to come forth and make your ancestor’s proud that you have been able to carry on and become solid citizens of the world.
The story of what was and what is, even though it is but a figment of my imagination is now recorded in the map of pda,
so now carry on and enjoy.
The map has 14 sale points scattered about the islands.
egg sales at diner at rear of building, bakery at back door,
Liz and Will’s near front porch,and at Casey’s general store.
21 fields ranging small to large. you own 3.
plenty of grassland for grass and hay.
2 forest and a small sawmill
Mission’s are in place.


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