FS17 LZ-129 Hindenburg V 1.0

LZ 129 Hindenburg mod for FS17.

Today I would like to revive the airspace of the LS world a bit.
There is also a zeppelin.
Not anyone, it is the LZ-129, also known as the Hindenburg.
Built in 1932 and burnt out in 1936 in Lakehorst, USA.
An original part is missing, which is also not installed.

Technical specifications:
Length: 245 meters
Diameter: 41.2 meters
Volume: 200,000 m3
Payload: 60 tons
Engines: 4 x Daimler diesel per 1050 hp
Speed: 36.4 m / s approx. 125 km / h
Number of journeys: 63

You must block the zeppelin with the GE on your map. The spline can be customized, but the object itself can not be moved.

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.


File Details:ZIP / 2.3 MB
FS17 LZ-129 Hindenburg V 1.0 Download File

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