FS17 – Manure Spreader Pack 6-12T V1.2.0.0

Manure Spreader Pack 6-12T mod for FS17.

A pack of manure spreaders from 6 to 12 tons. Manufacturers are Farmtech, Pöttinger, Kirchner, SIP and Mengele. There are only the manure spreaders, which also exist in genuine from these brands.

Price: 12000 €
Max. working speed: 20 kph
Required power: 60 hp
Working width: 10 m
Capacity: 4000 l
Maintenance: 30 € / day


Sorting in the shop:
The pack is sorted by size in the shop:
6 tons
7 tons

11 tons
12 tons

Before each design is a number, this says which design color to choose.
For example: “2 | Pöttinger Twist” – Design color No. 2


FS17 – Manure Spreader Pack 6-12T V1.2.0.0 Download File

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