FS17 – Master Pack Trailer And Sell V1.0

Master Pack Trailer And Sell mod for FS17.

This pack is needed to sell and transport your goods in the doughnut and coffee pack.
At the coffee house placeable/sell point you can sell products made from the doughnut and coffee pack.

Coffee beans
Eggs (made at egg production, not from chickens in game)
Vegetable Oil
Milk (you can sell milk from the in game cows if you have milk stop sales, and from the milk mill)

BD Pallet Trailer
The trailers in the modpack is needed to load and unload the coffee beans and coffee.  This edition has a special logo on the bed.  It is a semi trailer.

Pallet trailer info
This new style of trailer will utilize the fabrik script in a new way.

Instead of having pallets sitting around cluttering your map and using extra memory, this trailer receives goods from a silo trigger.  Now pallets can be stored inside the silo trigger in the fabrik script rather than relying on a pallet mover.  Pallet movers/collectors are very cool ,however you are limited on the amount storage you have by the number of slots on the collector.  Once the collector is full the script will stop producing, and when the collector is emptied the factory has to fill it up again, taking extra time.  On another note I haven’t seen a collector implemented into a fabrik placeable. I don’t believe it’s supported.

With a silo trigger any amount can be set for storage.  All you have to do is pull this trailer onto the marked trigger and pallets will appear as a fillplane.  Unfortunately if you like handling the pallets manually this is not the mod for you.

Another cool feature with this guy is that it is also set up to load all other fruits as well.  You can pull under the farm silo and load up or use a shovel.  Once again it will show pallets for a fillplane.

The sides can be folded up and hidden.  I have added tight side collisions so that you can haul small pieces of wood.  Bales can easily be loaded as well.
One small hiccup i’m looking into is that if you try to load the trailer with fertilizer or seed pallets, they will become a loose material on the trailer, and you will have to unload material to the ground.  I’m trying to decide whether to keep this or disable fill from air.

BD Pallet TDK 1600
This trailer is colorable and functions just like the BD Pallet Trailer, it is just a smaller version and a semi isnt needed.


FS17 – Master Pack Trailer And Sell V1.0 Download File
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