FS17 – Maude Tank V1A1 Abrams Mod

Maude Tank V1A1 Abrams mod for FS17.

Tank Farmer Simulator 2017 may leave traces, raising dust from beneath the tracks. It has lights. The presented model M1 “Abrams” is the basis of US military equipment. She is also on the arms of many other countries, from Egypt, Australia to Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

The game on the FS 17 tank can drive, control tower and tilt the cannon. Its capacity – 1500 hp! You do not have to check, that’s his real meaning. But this power and use for peaceful purposes – it has a tow hitch, that can be used to haul trailers.

Well, a farmer, take it on his “weapons”?


FS17 – Maude Tank V1A1 Abrams Mod Download File

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