FS17 – Maz / Yaaz – 200 Series Pack V1.0

Maz / Yaaz – 200 Series Pack mod for FS17.

MAZ-200 – One of the most massive trucks of the Soviet Union in the mid-20th century, the YaAZ-200 is a parallel series of Yaroslavian factory cars. Vehicle units, including trucks and trailers, all models are dirty, wash, leave traces, dust, have hinge and cardan shaft animation, all have a choice of colors, some have a choice of body color, some new high quality textures.

Full package composition:
MAZ-200M is a tractor. 4×2
Platform MAZ-200 – platform with straps or automatic attachment 4×2
Module MAZ-200 – chassis for 4×2 modules
MAZ-200 – 4×2 pallet truck
MAZ-205 – tipper 4×2
YaAZ-210D – 6×4 tractor
YaAZ-210 – 6×4 on-board truck
YAAZ-210E – tipper 6×4
YaAZ-210T – experienced 10×8 tipper
Tipper trailer
MAZ-5243 – trailer
MAZ-5215 – platform semi-trailer with sides
MAZ-5217 – semitrailer for food transport
TZ-200 – fuel tank
AZ-525 – food tank
MAZ-5219 – trolley

LOG CLEAN! (Only on product registration cards and attackers.) Everyone else (including the standard) will be warned about unknown cultures and types of attackers. This warning does not affect the game).

Schrod, Andy_V, JSM modding, G.F. Moder

FS17 – Maz / Yaaz – 200 Series Pack V1.0 Download File

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