FS17 – Meindorf Farm Map V1.5.0

Meindorf Farm Map mod for FS17.

This map has been created according to my individual ideas and inclinations.
In particular, the terrain and the road guidance must be everyday.
I do not mean unrealistic gradients.
It should be clear to everyone that a map of the objects the modders or Giants have created “lives”.
No map builder can say of himself all the objects he has installed, he himself has created.
So I thank you at this point with all modders whose objects I have installed.
A nomination is made seperat in the credits as far as they are known to me.

The following mods must be in the Mod folder:

To the map:
Why a fourfold map easy I like to play with large unit.
This map is based on Kastor’s empty quad map.
I tried to make it so that it can also be played as a quad map with Coursplay for single players.
With the size of the map are bound to the map construction, meant is not everything that is available in objects must also be installed.
For this purpose, a commercial area for medium-sized enterprises was created in the area of ​​the coast, which means space for placable objects.

Game mode:
In order to achieve the full function of the farm, the storage fuel, fertilizer and seeds must be filled.
The fuel has to be bought with a suitable trailer (Kotte-Pack by Farmer-Andy) at the fuel store.
The fertilizer this must be only prduziert geschiet in the soybean milk factory there gets her next milk and pig feed and fertilizer as a byproduct.
The function of the Sojamilchfabrik must be established however only to you at the beginning of the game a trailer
with soybeans to the Vfg. the fertilizer can be loaded with each trailer and transported.
In order to activate the SeedMaster, you need rape and liquid fertilizer. You will get this for payment at the GetreideWerner,
Agravis cooperative The Fresh Farm Fermenting station also provides as a by-product liquid fertilizer fix them in operation a small loading wagons
Grass placed on the map to find it should be seen everywhere.
Potatoes and sugar beet can be dumped in the farmhouse (as a heap).
A conveyor belt must be used to remove it.

You start with a feasible vehicle fleet, does not mean too much but not too little.

At the beginning of the game you have three fields (2,5,10) ready to harvest, 21 fields are available from 7ha to ca.165ha.
With the size of some fields, except for the fields (1, 12, 13, 15, 19 21), a field mission was used.

Sold at:
The following points of sale (Agravis, Raiffeisen, sugar factory, grain Werner, Edeka, castle, country store Itzehoe, cooperative Horst, port and Sesster Mill) for Const.

Gold Nuggets:
A gold treasure is also hidden since the search is not quite easy, I have all nuggets deposited together in an old mining gallery,
to find him are on the map hint points which will lead you to the mine.
However, the tunnel entrance has been spilled by an explosion. The opening is however without devices feasible !.

Egg sale:
The eggs can be sold at the land trade Itzehoe.

It can be sold straw at the bale circus.

There is a water removal point directly at the farm pond, construction site as well as near the sojamilch factory

In order to achieve something at the beginning of start-up capital is possible with a harvester felling trees and to befödern directly via a chute into the pond.
The harvester has to be bought but it is a long-term purchase.
The sawmill produces cuttings on pallets, which do not have to be removed because they are loaded directly on site on an LKw.
However, it is also possible to produce wood chips directly at the wood chopper to sell them to the BMKW.

The milk from the farm is automatically picked up the milk from the soybean production can be sold at the dairy or Edeka.

The resulting compost can be sold either in the nearby building market or at the tree nursery,
Fertilizer can be sold at GetreideWerner or stored at the farm.

Optional Mod:

Fixed 1.5.0:
Tor Horse coupling is fixed to the start of the game
New tank built for liquid fertilizer
Wood chopper inserted into the sawmill as well as adapted to the landscape area
Unloading point BMKW redesigned
Small tree group at the fermenter
Clip distances at the court corrected for better performance
Filling speeds of various objects according to my ideas
Shepherd completely renewed
Sports airfield installed
Castle installed with unloading point for wheat and barley
Original train distance removed and Deco train stretch inserted
This causes various terrain changes.

Fixed 1.4.0:
Entries inserted plus tank option
Hofgebäude changed plus a hall for bales added
Lighthouse removed caused strong FPS burglaries
SeedMaster only processes rape and liquid fertilizer
Trees removed at box 10 to ensure better helper function
Production factors adjusted to the needs of the map, thus not 100000 liters per hour, etc.
Various DiGi displays enlarged
C-17 transport aircraft, helicopters and motor boats
Various markers reset, hotspots inserted
Gate Horse coupling to open and close
Swimming pool and new settlement
fertile meadows removed, yield was too high
Net market so that the transport of milk from the soy milk factory does not get too far
Starting vehicles changed, mower added, liquid fertilizer spray replaced fertilizer spreader.
LelyJuno100 inserted who wants to clean itself can make this yes at the beginning of the game.
Four bee houses inserted for the small money inbetween

Fixed 1.3.0:
Water plans renewed
Terrain error corrected
Trigger positions
Installed at the SeedMaster Deco unloading point
Fertile meadows laid
Milk must be sold by itself
Sewage treatment plant built by BlackSheep
Washing space installed
Fertilizer bearing new filler neck.
Sojamilchfabrik second driveway installed
At the Hofsilo can now also mixed, and pig feed.

Fixed 1.2.0
Adding water for free water abstraction
Boxes 8 and 10 are fixed
Reetdachgeb. added
Shelf attached to the farm
View Fermenter gefixt
Flying trees removed
Fuhrpark renewed
Fields newly planted
Fertilizer, pig feed and compound feed can now be sold at GetreideWerner and Raiffeisen
Objects installed on spline:
Zeppelin, hot air balloon and ducks at the pond
New vehicles at the campsite


FS17 – Meindorf Farm Map V1.5.0 Download File

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