FS17 – Mercedes Antos 2450 Hooklift Truck V1.0

Mercedes Antos 2450 Hooklift Truck mod for FS17.

Hello everybody,
Today I present you my Mercedes Antos Hakenlift to download.
There is a lot of work in the mod and I thank all who helped me. Go to Mod
There are many ways to configure it, which also means for the agricultural player the mod offers a lot.
There are several options for selecting:
There are 6 variants of the skins the standard version is color selection the rest is geschinnt there one can choose no color.
In addition, there are various flash units like Hänch Nova LED, DBS975 and DBS4000 all are available in blue and orange, with the DBS4000 you can choose the color of the middle.
Containers and AB’s can all be taken from the IT-Runner Pack as well as all containers that are IT-Runner capable.
A template for skinnen is also back with …

itzc0br4 BlackyBPG Sven777b J112J Grisu118 Marc85 Eurogaming

FS17 – Mercedes Antos 2450 Hooklift Truck V1.0 Download File

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