FS17 – Mercedes Antos Tlf4000 Lentner V1.0

Mercedes Antos Tlf4000 Lentner mod for FS17.

Hello everybody,
Today comes again from me to download a mod some will have been waiting for him. It’s the TLF4000 from Lentner on Mercedes Benz Antos.
This mod has cost me a lot of work was actually the mod for the Kandelin map thought, since it still needs something until it is released you get the TLF4000 now and the release of the map you get the Antos with the functions for the Kandelin. However, a lot of functions are already installed. The whole vehicle is controllable via IC control that means you have to eg the ambient lighting from the driver’s seat or pumping station switching on the same for the light pole. The equipment rooms are also controlled via the IC control, but you can find more on that below. In the vehicle you can also choose between 4 special signal systems as well as between a roof / front projector. There are still things planned in the vehicle that I do not want to mention now because many things look down;)

Now to the scripts / functions:
IC control (blue light, horns, ambient lighting, engine start, hazard lights, light pole, equipment rooms)
Mouse control (roof / front projector, light pole)
License plate (license plate)
Watertrailer (Water can be charged and the vehicle used as a feeder)
LightAddon (For Storboskob Rotating Beacons)

Required mods to allow a smooth gameplay:
Light addon

Recommended mods for a better gaming experience:
oil change
hand brake

itzc0br4 BlackyBPG Sven777b J112J Grisu118 Marc85

FS17 – Mercedes Antos Tlf4000 Lentner V1.0 Download File

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