FS17 – Mercedes Benz Vito MZF v1.0

Mercedes Benz Vito mod for FS17.

Hello everybody,
Today I present you a Mercedes Benz Vito As a multi-purpose vehicle available. This mod has 2 Hänch DBS3000 bars You can choose between rotating mirror, xenon double flash and LED modules.
Also the TYP620 special signal system is installed with compressed air simulation city and country horn. Rear of the Vito has an expansion with AED, emergency backpack, 2 chainsaws, pylons and Euroblitzer. You can open the tailgate where 2 Hänsch Sputnik are. At the rear bar a LI2000 is busy with the programmed lettering “DANGER” and in the bar further Hänsch Sputnik speed cameras are inserted as RWS. Everything is to control VIA IC control. I hope you have a lot of fun with the mod.

Itzc0br4 J112J OcciRS

FS17 – Mercedes Benz Vito MZF v1.0 Download File

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