FS17 – Michieletto Cattle Trailer V1.1

Michieletto Cattle Trailer mod for FS17.

I have always been annoyed that so few animals fit the livestock trailers. So I then adapted the original Giants Michieletto AM 19 trailer to real cargo capacities.

The following may be invited:
180 sheep
170 pigs
40 cows

Unfortunately, I have something scolded when scripted, yesterday I was so noticeable. There is a small bonus for the sheep and pigs in the load capacity. Remember, in Germany you can only load 40 tons, so never fully complete. Otherwise, there is a risk of fines due to overloading.
Please tell your driver that he is still using the R switch at the cattle dealer and the stables to load and unload.
At Kastor Food Inc., the driver is shown in the display when he is standing at the loading dock. Here he must then press the switch I.
The approval of your towing vehicle, ie the license plate, is displayed on the trailer rear. This will certainly welcome your insurance.

Version 1.1:
– Now also works with Kastor Food Inc., again thanks to weisser for the installation aid
– Indicators of the towing vehicle are also displayed. Thanks to Blacky_BPG for the script and whiter for the correction
– 40 cows can now be loaded.

Modell: Micheletto AM 19 Textur: Giants Script: Giants / Webmeteor (Allse Agrar)/ weisser/ Blacky_BPG Idee / Konzept: Giants / Webmeteor (Allse Agrar)/ thomas_1969 Tester: Webmeteor (Allse Agrar) Sonstige:

FS17 – Michieletto Cattle Trailer V1.1 Download File

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