FS17 – Missouri Mississippi Ohio River Basin Map V2.0

Missouri Mississippi Ohio River Basin Map mod for FS17.

I would like you to know that this is my map and no other so who post the map besides me I will not support it. If you have problem lets put the issue on American Eagles Modding web site so I can address the issues, Thank you.

I have fix the following issues: rice fixed, fields fixed, trees replace from redwoods to pines, spruce and oaks, The oaks can be cut with chain saw. dirt areas fix cow and sheep. Made more fields buyable. Added lime, compost, liquid manure, and solid manure. imbedded. It has lime mine on south end of map. Mine, and  GMKFC_Mod from NorgeCrest Valley by Pandahma
The map is a the horseshoe of the river. It is like the river basin in your area. It has river bottoms and rolling hills in map like you would see in your home place. The extra crops are sorghum, Sudan grass, cotton, rice, corn2, sugarcane, oats, peanut, and tobacco. They are 2 bga’s. A number of new places. I don’t want to spell it for you, but I think you will enjoy the map.


FS17 – Missouri Mississippi Ohio River Basin Map V2.0 Download File

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  1. mas says:

    Sounds like a nice map but its big ill try it anyway aslo dos all mods need included

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