FS17 – Mod Manager V


Mod manager for FS17.

Revised design, BugFixes, and speed optimization and now also Multilanguage capable

Hello your simulant, first read the description.

Syncronization of the mods of the various Local Mod folders and using different dedicated servers
Manage the Local Mod Folders
Deleting / Disabling and Re-Enabling Local Mods
Detailed view of the individual mods

Different servers Manage:
Enter the server data for the gear under Server description (left side) and you can then conveniently select this from the combo box. It shows in color whether a mod is missing, it is deactivated or even too much in the mod folder because it has already been deleted on the server.

Various Local Mod Ornder Manage:
To do this, use the gear wheel to the right above the table for the Local Mods. By clicking on the “Refresh” button on the right the selected Modordner is loaded and the default Mod folder for LS is set.

Final version:
From version it is finally the final version, i. There are all the functions I wanted for a Modmanager. It is also not a Mod but a stand-alone program developed in C # with Winforms and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.


FS17 – Mod Manager V Download File

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