FS17 – Modstudio 18 V1.0

Modstudio 18 mod for FS17.

What is ModStudio18?
ModStudio18 is an editor to read and edit XML files from mods. It is also easy to use. Additional features like StudioLog or ModControl allows the user to manage the mods and the log.
ModStudio18 is designed to simplify the XML editing for the users.

How does it work?
Easy, to select a zip file, enter desired values, save, done!
How do I install it?
After the download, you unpack everything in one Folder! I mean EVERYTHING
(Otherwise, the installer can not find all the files)
– Start the Setup.exe file.
– Follow the instructions of the installer.
– After completion, you will find a link on the desktop and Modstudio18.

What is planned for the future?
– MapConverter 15% Work
– MapEditor 3% Work
– Savegame Editor 32% Work [Do not go further]
– MapSwitch 2%
– Multi-changeable functions
– We always try to insert you’re wishes into our programs!

Known issues
Currently nothing 🙂

Please remember, you change the mods for YOURSELF! The upload of modified mods are forbidden. The modders need to allow this.
The program is supposed to make private changes to mods, and not to make the Ls Com even worse.

Also interesting
SimuTools Community Group: Join Us
Simugamer: Like Us
[Partner] SimLiveRadio: Visit us
VirusScan: [100% Fourier! see here!

Have fun with our Program !

Modell: Nico.B / Daniel.B Textur: Daniel.B Script: Nico.B Idee / Konzept: Nico.B Tester: Nico.B Sonstige: Whiteiiger

FS17 – Modstudio 18 V1.0 Download File

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