FS17 – Modstudio19 V1.1

Modstudio19 mod for FS17.

Save game Studio: FillType: BGA
Settings: fs.exe (path) is required
Home: News added
Language: French
DevMode added…
LogAgend (Has No errors)
Save game Studio: Fix error prevention added
LogAgend to the I18n-System added
ModStudio19 your Farming Simulator management tool is

If you our work let like a review please, when Recommended with Yes or no.

Also a star rating, we look Forward to πŸ™‚


Welcome to ModStudio19. Our masterpiece is Finished πŸ™‚ and we want to Share the first Version with you πŸ˜‰

What ModStudio19?
ModStudio19 is to read an Editor to the XML files of Mods and to edit.In addition, it is easy to use. Additional functions such as StudioLog or ModControl allow the user to Manage mods and Manage the Log.
ModStudio19 to remove users the tedious XML work.

How does it Work?

Quite simply, Zip file, select the Desired values to enter, Save, Done!

What’s New?
We have brought New features for you.
Own i18n System (Translation System)
This is your chance MS19 to translate for other languages.
You have MS19 translated into another language, the language file, send it to us and we will add you Officially.
LiveLogAgend (Live Log Monitoring while playing.)

The language-files you can find in the installation folder. (Locale)
In addition, we have revised ModControl, as well as all the other functions.
New save game Studio to edit eures Savegames came.

In addition, we now have a separate Installer, as well as many other New features.

How do I install it?
Zip Unzip It, Then Use The .exe to run, its instructions and your Done. ModStudio will then Start Directly.
What is Planned for the future?
We want to implement your Feedback;). did you wish?! then, bring it on πŸ™‚


FS17 – Modstudio19 V1.1 Download File

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