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FS17 – Monchwinkel Map V0.96

Monchwinkel Map mod for FS17.

After some time I have now turned to convert my map for the FS17. Apart from pleasure and time, I missed the opportunities for implementing the economy. The UPK is not yet as far as the FS15 version and the FactoryScript does not allow everything I would like. I then decided to adjust my economy according to the available possibilities and at the same time created the option to enable a simple changeover / expansion of the economy with updates of the scripts.
Furthermore, I have the courtyards largely left blank, as there are a lot of placeable Mods and I simply simply great that one can customize the yard individually.
For detailed testing, I lack the time and possibilities (server etc.) Therefore, I will now make a beta release. I would like your feedback on:

Money: Should you get some money, or do you earn more than enough money with the economy?
Functionality: Does something not work the way it should?
Start vehicles: What other standard vehicles would you like to play?
Track system
I have installed “loading ramps” in some places, so you can load the palletwaggons. Please tell me your suggestions about that and if I should leave or delete them.

Changes from the FS15 version:
UPK deleted
Functionality removed
The orchard has got a large open space on which, for example, greenhouses, etc. can be placed.
A later introduction of functionality is on my list, but a meaningful implementation is difficult, since triggers by factory script have to work differently and to be arranged differently than in the UPK
Road construction
The road does not have to be rebuilt, it is directly finished. Thus, the AI ??traffic can also use the road
The fill types for road construction are still registered; other uses are planned;)
Dairy cattle
Since now the factory script is used, the operation had to be changed. The unloading points have become less
Trigger / unloading points have been installed with the Giants display system
Yellow = unload / deliver / sell
Blue = charge
With the palletwaggons great equipment can be shipped . However, vehicles slide down from the cars (probably due to the specification “steerable”?)
There is a train for wood / wood chips, and one for grain etc.
Both trains run parallel, which is why the railway barriers were removed. According to the Giants engine, barriers only work for one train, not for both. Therefore, four barriers per path transition would be required. Therefore, it has become unrestricted transitions
Farm and LPGs have expandable standardsilos.
Economic goods do not have fillplanes. Therefore, the above linked trailer should be used.

Script: Kevink98 Idee / Konzept: Silenceko Tester: Silenceko

FS17 – Monchwinkel Map V0.96 Download File
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