FS17 – Multimap 2018 Map V1.1

Multimap 2018 Map V1.1 mod for FS17.
– Horse breeding installed, need food and water, a suitable livestock Trailer is included in the Mod
– Water connection at the horses laid
– Traffic built in, for the time being on 3 Splines
– Overview panel installed in the yard
– Straw sale set up at Kuhstall ball Bearing
– Grazing animals (grazing animals) were used in this
– Coupling gates with function installed at cowshed
– This bearing yard installed
– 2x diesel Sales at petrol stations set up
Animals drink water from the troughs
– GMKFC-Mod installed (has not been tested extensively )
– Small manual (booklet) made by semi-Finished, is included in the Mod

Making changes:
– Purchase trigger box 42 offset
– Trigger labeled for sawmills. Information Board attached to the procedure for Unloading
– Production adapted to all factories
– The adoption of the bales at the cowshed now works
– Stock liquid fertilizer farm labeled
Grass plane is part of the silage storage through silage tarp replaced
– Label corrected at the distillery for wheat. Stand-sun flowers on it.
– Food storage CP-friendly designed according to original rk54
– Information panels when the player trigger in the Mill exchanged, were the of the distillery on it
– Trees on the Western side of the vegetable farm corrected, floating in the air
– Sign main road corrected at the exit cigarette factory, hovering in the air
– other minor optical corrections

The snow Mask could not be corrected yet. But it’s now in progress. I hope to be able to publish the Update for this in the next few days.
Please also note the recommended Mods in the accompanying booklet.

Before I get to the actual description of the map, the following note:
Originally I didn’t want to publish a Map here on Modhoster. The reason lay in the variety of offensive comments on my card Birkenhof. So if the same is Repeated here, then I will unabated again deactivate the comment function and then this is irretrievably the last Mod, which is published here by me. I always have an open ear for constructive criticism, but the sound makes the music. And there are no reasons to be insulting.
The LS Mapping Team presents to you a Remake of the map Multimap from the year 2014, then for the LS 13.
We now say: Welcome to the Multimap 2018 for the LS 17.
The Great-Mapper of this map is LF-Bauer. He had already invested a lot of effort and effort in this card in 2014, and although there were several cards with this name, in my view this card is the Best of all.

First of all, the” technical data ” of the map:
4-fold with multifruit and choppedStraw

The following fruits are used:
Standard fruits, sugar cane cultivation is possible, oats, rye, spelt, Triticale, hops, tobacco, onions, carrots, lettuce, white cabbage and red cabbage.
At this point my special thanks go to GMCW for the release of the Porta Westfalica to use as a blank base map with these built-in fruits.
The basis is the Multimap for the LS 15. This Version never found its way into the Public. Road course, terrain and almost all old objects were taken over 1: 1. The trees were completely replaced. All productions that ran over UPK were converted to the factory Script. New production lines have been added. And there are numerous outlets.
There are two farm Silos, one for cereals, the other is for Crops, the cabbage Varieties, as well as onions and carrots.
In addition, there is a feed Warehouse, this runs via the factory Script.
Almost all goods produced can be stored in the logistics center, with a few exceptions. The logistics centre consists of 2 large halls for dry Goods, 2 smaller halls for Freshness and vegetables, as well as a warehouse for empty pallets and Board Pallets.
There are 2 saw mills, a paper production and 3 production facilities for empty pallets. Furthermore, a pulp mill for the production of cardboard. In addition to the normal raw materials, many productions also require these empty pallets and cardboard boxes.
In addition to hops and malt, the brewery also needs liquid Yeast. This can be produced in the dairy. Milk and molasses are required as raw materials for liquid Yeast. Molasses produced in the sugar factory. Malt is produced in a small malt factory on the premises of the brewery.
We have tried to allow each fruit to be used in the production. For example, oats in Meyer’s manufactory are required for the production of oatmeal. Spelt can be processed in the mill, as well as rye. Triticale can be processed together with barley in the malting.
Some productions require products from other productions in order to be able to manufacture their Goods.
For most vegetables, there are special filling equipment. There, the raw materials are Packed on pallets. A special feature is the potato Farm (Martinshof). There, the potatoes can be stored loosely. However, it is also possible to pack the potatoes as food Potatoes on pallets. If the belt is full and the goods have not been picked up, all other pallets produced will be stored automatically. Production stops only when there is no room left.
We put a lot of effort and work into this card, it has been extensively tested in the SP over several weeks. However, a test in the MP could not be carried out in the absence of a suitable team. Here I rely on the feedback of the User
My special thanks go to LF-Bauer for giving us this card and of course to my test Players:
ways Renz, wood, Michel, rk54, rokki, and hyacinth Lindauer
which have contributed significantly To the success of the map with their feedback, suggestions and ideas.
If, contrary to Expectations, errors still occur, so I ask for your feedback.
Now I wish you a lot of fun on the Multimap 2018.
I would like to thank all modders for their objects I installed. If I have missed someone, or someone wants to recognize his object and be mentioned by name, I will post this in the next Version of my Map.

Marhu, kevink98, joker301069, BlackSheep, Blacky_BPG, 112Tec


Umbau für LS17:


Einbau Multifrucht:
Objekte von, sofern bekannt:
Giants, Kastor, Der_Wanderer, möchtegernbauer, Nic89.1, 112TEC, Niggels, The Snake, scottryder, San Andreas, M1800Power, Bummi, Marhu, Devin, Hewaaa, Bigblue, GE -Mapping, dajun, wellano920, dds-modding, Ingolf, Katsuo, Blacky BPG, marc85, mike LSF Modding, PaPa, TuneWar, pisty, manni112, adam5525, SLJ-Agrar, Mark44, MCMC, borutcebuli, Der Melker, ni-modding, XAnonymousX, atze1978, odin1985, Gaucho, sherco58,LS-farming.nl, Farmeraner, KIK, Aerocool1, Trekkerbodo, Zefir, LS-Community, MoriceSpencer - Danke für die Freigabe des Holzaufliegers zum Transport des kaufbaren Holzes.
Auf der Karte befinden sich noch Objekte aus dem LS13, deren Herkunft mir nicht bekannt ist. Diese habe ich so von der ursprünglichen Karte übernommen.
Wer sein Objekt wieder erkennt und nicht erwähnt wurde, der kann sich jederzeit bei mir melden. Natürlich wird der Eintrag dann nachgeholt.

wegerenz, Holzmichel, rk54, rokki, hyazinthlindauer.

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