FS17 New Fact Sheet #7 -Valtra and Pottinger


Farming Simulator 17 – Fact Sheet #7 – Valtra T series Tractor and Pottinger Novacat X8 ED / 301 ED Mowers.

Valtra T Series : Price 170,000€, maintenance 260€/day. Customize engine power, main color, rim color and Frontload attacher. Power range 210-250 HP, max. Speed 50 km/h, Fuel tank capacity 380 liters. Pottinger Novacat X8 ED: Price 42,000€, maintenance 75€/day, Required power 160 HP, Op. Speed 22km/h, working width 8,4 meters. Pottinger Novacat 301 ED: 11k€ sale price, maintenance 20€/day required power 70 HP, Op speed 22km/h, woking width 3.1 meters.

Farming Simulator Fact Sheet #1-#6

FS17 New Fact Sheet #7 -Valtra and Pottinger Download File

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