FS17 Old Streams Map V

Old Streams Map for FS17.

Version Changelog:
Welcome to Dorfbach and Grünwald. You are managing one farm with cows, sheeps , chickens and pigs which you bought from a auction.
To have a second start with the farm you need to grow your crops, and harvest them to get the money to buy new machinery.

-100% Multiplayers
-25 fields
-All Basic Cultures
-All animals
-Doors Open/close
-Lighting at night
– Manual lighting in the farm.
-1 farm with all collected animals
-BGA BioGaz
-Collision to Bunker silos and buildings
-Water reflexion
-100% Fields mission

Continue on the game (1.0.1)
Just delete the following files from the folder savegameN °

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.


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FS17 Old Streams Map V Download File

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