FS17 – Old Streams Map V2.5.2 Fix GMK Final

Old Streams Map for FS17.

New game recommended
Continue to play
Just delete the following files from the savegameN

Version 2.5.2 ChangeLog:
– Added Crane at the wood pile
– Remedy: fxCircleShader.xml “.
– Set on the ground on all map
– Removal of grass on the road
– Removing the grass in buildings
– Removing colision sawmills (wood chips)
– Interaction designated zone settings
– Set cars parquing
– Add a logo to work on the farm
– Change silo farm (now accepted wheat rape maize barley sunflower soybean grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow straw)
– Set TipCol BunkerSilo (silage)
– Set the Doors working farm
– Change the texture palette black
– Adjust gain of culture
– Repair of other small problem
– Point reset Vehicle farm and trade
– Milk transport Manuel
– Décograss be deleted

– 100% Multiplayers
– 25 boxes
– All basic culture
– All animals
– Doors open / close
– Lighting at night
– Manual lighting on the farm.
– 1 farm all animals collected
– BGA BioGaz
– Collisions on the bunkers and buildings
– Water reflection
– 100% Fields Mission

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.


File Details:ZIP / 188 MB
FS17 – Old Streams Map V2.5.2 Fix GMK Final Download File

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