FS17- Ostalgie Map V1.0

Ostalgie Map mod for FS17.

This is a small Singleplayer Map, with 20 fields, small streams and a lake. It is the standard are used fruits Plus oats,rye and Triticale.
Small Bga on Hof is a selling point for the cereals and a bit of forest.
There is also mud on the card but will not work in conjunction with the real game engine, unfortunately.Without no Problem
You hope you like as far as there is a lot to see.
There are 2 versions of the Map once with the Season, and once without.
A lot of Fun with it.

Ostalgie made by HolgerUelzen
Dank an Luan Löwe und sein Team
Dank an meine Tester

FS17- Ostalgie Map V1.0 Download File
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