FS17 – Pantano Map V2.0

Pantano Map mod for FS17.


Finally after so much I work my map is ready.
It consists of:
Large forested areas
various fields
Zone dedicated to positionable
scombra joinery for positionable
Pets concentrated all in one place
The forest areas have a difficult terrain to be covered by normal means.
4 outlets
zero errors in the log
basic functions
Created from scratch with the original models of Gigants (99%)
It ‘an Italian map: D

minus points:
The map in the PDA is not 100% accurate
There are side missions in the fields
Aides do not work accurately on the fields.
I tested everything but not in detail (all generally works)
Missing traffic and pedestrians
vehicles must be repositioned at the beginning of the game
not tested for multiplayer but it might work

The change without the map is prohibited without my permission.
vehicles must be repositioned at the beginning of the game
I ask you to report any bugs or impropriety, even if insignificant, you encounter to let out a V2.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. \ Manni95

FS17 – Pantano Map V2.0 Download File

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