FS17 – Placeable Biogas Hofanlage V1

Placeable Biogas Hofanlage mod for FS17.

You can find the system with manure, silage, straw, chaff and chips fit! The maximum filling capacity is 120,000 liters! The throughput per game minute is 273 liters and produces a yield per 1000liter of 549 € (fixed price)! This means for you that watching her game prices should just before you fill the system with eg silage! Sometimes these biogas brings courtyard with silage filled more money than anywhere else, sometimes not!

You have before unloading the gates open! The switch is left on Great building!
On small building is still a switch with her the light on / off can!

Other Information:
Your feedback is important to me, so write in the comments what you like or what you like less! The important thing that you Constructive criticism is this exercise, will destroy anything or Ignored! Let an evaluation and recommendation because if you like the mod, really only takes 5 seconds)

If you have any problems with the mod you, you can send me directly write a Personal Message with your “Log.txt” file attached and a description of your intuitive Ausfühlichen error! I can without your log file do not help and it will take a lot longer until you can use the Mod in the full scope!

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

t0xic0m UPK -> mor2000

File Details:ZIP / 14.2 MB
FS17 – Placeable Biogas Hofanlage V1 Download File

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