FS17 – Placeable Biogas Modpack V1.0

Placeable Biogas Modpack for FS17.

Herewith I present you an improved mod of the planned production chain “Production Mods Svapa Agro”. This is a Mod Pack with a BioGas facility
The following resources are required for the operation of BioGas Anlage:
1. Silage
Products are fermentation residues and biogas.
The biogas can sell them to a gas sales point (is included in the mod) or to use our upcoming mods

A bio gas accumulator with a capacity of 1 000 000 l.
And a fermentation tank with a capacity of 1 000 000 l.
For transportation the BioGas is a suitable trailer
And for transport fermenting there is also a suitable trailer

As always, all buildings are listed under the category “Svapa Agro Production”.

SGM interactive/Svapa-Agro giant kevink98 blacksheep

FS17 – Placeable Biogas Modpack V1.0 Download File

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