FS17 – Placeable Hot Seeds and Fertilizer Production V 1.2

Placeable Hot Seeds and Fertlizer Production mod for FS17.

Version 1.2
The latest factory script has been installed, i. It does not have to be shipped by shovel.
Bottom plate
Liquid fertilizer production

Seed and fertilizer production [placeable] Now your own seeds and fertilizer!

Fertilizer production:
Requires: -> solid and liquid manure (max 20,000 liters per unit.)
Product: -> Mineral

Seed Production:
Requires: -> fertilizer and grain (max 20,000 liters per unit)
Product: -> Seeds
Mixing ratio: 1: 1
Product storage: 60,000 l max.
Filling: Shovel or trailer, standard vehicles are sufficient.
Removal: Shovel or conveyor belt
Cost: Pro Production Building € 90,000 purchase and 10 € per day maintenance costs
Liquid fertilizer is currently not producible!

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

SanAndreas / Giants

File Details:ZIP / 30.8 MB
FS17 – Placeable Hot Seeds and Fertilizer Production V 1.2 Download File

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