FS17 – Placeable Pig Food Mixer (PF-5000) V 1.4

Placeable Pig Food Mixer (PF-5000) mod for FS17.

Version 1.4
Update Fabrik Script to new Version. (V2.1.7)
(Fixes issues after Giants Update 1.4)
(Fixes issue with CousePlay Tipping)

Fixes for GIANTS UPDATE 1.4.

The GTXM (PF-5000) is an all in one Pig Food mixer.
This high output mixing station outputs 1500 Litres per hour with a capacity of 150000 Litres.

Corn / Soybean = 75000 Litre Fill Volume
Potato / SugarBeet = 60000 Litre Fill Volume
Barley / Wheat = 75000 Litre Fill Volume
Pig Food = 150000 Litres

This building operates using the latest Fabrik Script v 2.1.5 & Additional Triggers v 1.0.4

Fully Tested on Dedicated Server.
Log is Error Free.
CoursePlay Supported.

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.

Mod Build, 3d Model, Testing: GTX Mods. Special thanks: Marhu and kevink98 for the Fabrik Script.

FS17 – Placeable Pig Food Mixer (PF-5000) V 1.4 Download File

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