FS17 – Placeable Pig Food Star

Placeable Pig Food Star for FS17.

Here I present you my latest mod, the PigFood Star. The PigFoodStar is a damper and mixer at the same time, with the PigFoodStar you have the possibility to produce your own pig feed, for this you need potatoes, water and grain grist. You can buy grain bread as BigBag in the shop. In this mod, everything is already what the normal player needs. Material and the FillType for cereal grains are automatically registered.
Fill a small note on the water! I recommend you to find the latest Kotte Universal Pack is here: LINK still paste
Much more is also not to say, simply test itself.

This mod has been tested by SGMODS.


FS17 – Placeable Pig Food Star Download File

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